Challenges and badges

Our leaders plan balanced activity programmes using Scout Council guidelines to promote the Aims of the Scout Association as shown in the picture.

These programmes aim to help our children work towards:

Membership Awards:Help young people understand the commitment of their Promise and becoming a member of the Scout Movement
Challenges:Each section has a number of challenges, earned by completing suitable elements of the balanced programme
Sectional Activity Badges:A range of almost 120 activities, each with a Badge awarded on completion
Joining In:Recognise years a young person has been in the Movement
Staged Activity Badges:To encourage progress through sections in specific subjects i.e. IT, Swimming, Musician, Nights Away and Hikes
Moving On Award:Help ease the transfer from one section to the next
Group Awards:Sections work together on one or more areas: International Friendship, The Environment and Faith
Top Awards: 
Beaver Scouts:Chief Scout’s Bronze Award
Cub Scouts:Chief Scout’s Silver Award
Scouts:Chief Scout’s Gold Award
Explorer Scouts:Chief Scout’s Platinum Award
Network Scouts:Queens Scout Award